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In the end, a better app means higher profits for you as its creator. Note that Uber uses verbs in their screenshot descriptions, which is the correct approach. Verbs are the parts of speech used to describe actions. The first several sentences (up to the “Read More” or “More” buttons) of an app description should give general information and illustrate the app’s main idea. Few people read further, so make sure to tailor this part of the app description to perfection. The next step is to provide your app with a meaningful and informative description. For Startups Our client’s success stories speak better than words.

  • One of the most famous chasing game in which you need to run while dodging all kinds of hurdles and obstacles in your path.
  • Merch by Amazon, a self-service program, allows publishers to sell custom branded t-shirts from within their apps.
  • Thus, adequate research should be conducted before downloading any third party APK file to avoid any future legal hassles.
  • However, there are a few offline games for android that doesn’t require use of internet while playing.
  • If there’s one major issue with Blades, it’s the amount of waiting you’ll have to do in between actions in the game.

Keep in mind that you may have to submit tax information when withdrawing money depending on how much and where you’re located. When it comes APK Games Love – Download App APKs for Android to cashing out, you have PayPal, Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and other options available. With InboxDollars, you have a highly rated app at around 4 stars out of 100,000+ reviews. Subway Surfers is the top game of the decade by downloads.


If it becomes a viral hit, you could make hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s what has many traditional game developers eyeing apps and investing big money into app development. If you are launching your pet project, you could always make it a paid app. Obviously, this is a straight-up easier way to see more revenue right away. For example, people like me who play Words with Friends are more likely to pay for the ‘full’ version of the game, (i.e. no ads, etc.), then someone who isn’t a dedicated fan. Unlike some apps that allow you to earn by playing games, taking surveys, and watching videos, Big Time Cash focuses solely on games.

Read about cash back sites and apps that help you earn cash. With crowdfunding, although the landscape can seem intimidating, I believe in time we will have some great apps and games. The really dedicated gamers, players who play their games for hours a day, are the steadiest stream of revenue for the game. Freemium is definitely a viable model if you wish to use it. If you have a very competitive game, something multiplayer perhaps, freemium can possibly be a steady stream of revenue. What is the fun in buying that cool new outfit that you can normally unlock at the end of the game? These debates rage on, but microtransactions are a great business model for game developers.

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I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. And if you are in the top 20% with your perfectly coded high-quality app, there is no other chance but to get rich with a good monetization strategy afterwards. It goes without saying that if you wish to see your app in the first lines of the chart, you need to know how to make an app and how to monetize your app. Rovio used Google AdMob network to increase their Angry Birds downloads among Android users. Cost-per-click – is a revenue model based on the number of clicks on an ad displayed. Such popular ad networks like Adfonic and Google’s AdMob are commonly PPC, providing both text and display advertisements. The highest end of CPM rates belongs to AdMob network operated by Google.

Imangi Studios has really made a name for themselves when they first released Temple Run for iOS devices. While the game had been primarily designed for touch controls, its very basic movements mean that it’s also quite suited for controllers as well. Muffin King is a simple and colorful game that supports both MOGA Pocket and MOGA Pro controllers.

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